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iDropper is a multi-purpose tool you've probably wanted in QuarkXPress. Never has it been so effortless to add new colors to Quark's Color list or copy colors from one box to another. Either eyedropper a color right out of any graphic appearing on screen or choose one of 9500 colors that appear in the Color Display Bar shown below. This bar automatically appears when you are using the iDropper tool, showing you the color you are over in 3 shades and giving you the Instant Color Picker for easy color addition. Also create harmony and complementary colors at the same time. iDropper can also copy box attributes from one box to another or to several boxes.

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  • iDropper attributes from one box to Multiple Boxes at once
  • iDropper Dimensions of boxes to other boxes
  • iDropper Style Sequences from one box to another
  • Ability to automatically create Complementary Color
  • Ability to automatically create Harmonious Palette from chosen color
  • Copy attributes from one box and "paint bucket" them to another or to many others
  • Select color from any graphic in any application visible on desktop
  • Add as RGB or CMYK
  • Automatically create darker tints (lighter shades are handled by XPress already)
  • Convenient names automatically created but can be easily overridden

The instant Color Pop-up allows you to quickly add RGB or CMYK colors, including related colors to your permanent or document-specific palette.

Dialog frame appears in the selected color for feedback and then you can see the handy options for creating related colors.

All colors by default are given precise names which indicate their color composition.

"iDropper should be built into Quark. Thanks guys!"


All GLUON Demos can be unlocked to become fully functional using a Purchase Code. Depending on the product, the demo is fully functional for a certain period of time.

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